Real Estate Directory Is For Sale

If you are a real estate agent, mortgage broker or someone looking for easy to run online business this is for you. For sale is very large established and profitable real estate website directory with fantastic Google rankings.

Everything 100% verified, ask anything before you bid.

This website is perfect for real estate agency, realtors, mortgage brokers or someone who just wants steady monthly income with very little work and effort. Please read detailed description below to learn more.

The site has one of the best Google campaigns similar to Zillow or Trulia and can be modified in any way you wish. You can use it for your own campaign or keep it the way it is.

It is making between $300-$500/month from membership fees alone, featured posts and other Ads. Not included are referral fees which depend on how good leads are (see more info below) but on average commissions range between $1,000- $3,000 from a single listing. We have 15,000 people mailing list which is also included in this sale.

Here are a couple of facts so you will better understand how huge this thing is.

1.There are currently almost 2,000 homes listed and we are adding about 10-20 new properties daily

2.Average price of home on the website is close to $1,200,000

3.There are 15,000 people on our mailing list and we send out newsletters 1-2 times per month

4.We help over 1,000 agents and brokers with their promotion

5.The website was designed to provide the best possible experience for potential buyers and to generate as many leads or newsletter subscribers as possible

The site is very profitable and is making between $300 and $500 month without referral fees which range anywhere from $1,000 – $3,000 (depends on property price).

This website is perfect for:

1. Real Estate Agents
2. Realtors
3. Mortgage Brokers
4. Anyone who wants steady monthly income with very little work and effort

How this website can help you

– Promoting yourself as one of the top agents/brokers locally or nationwide
– Promotion of your own listings
– Sending daily leads to agents all over US
– Capturing buyers leads
– Capturing sellers leads
– Promotion of any company/service/product next to each listing on the website
– Offering advertising space to other agents


Google rankings for this website are best you can find. Here is an example of a property we just listed at 58 Bamboo, Irvine, CA.

If you type 58 Bamboo Irvine House For Sale you will see the website right at the top. Image rankings are even better – Image is ranked #1 in G image search. Please see screenshots below.

Most of 2,000 listed homes have the same or similar rankings.

We first started site optimization for long tail keywords like address and have now started focusing on heavy terms like (example: San Diego Houses For Sale). We just moved the website to new faster server, changed categories, optimized search and added several SEO tools which will rank site even better.

About 26% of all visits are returning visitors which is a good indicator people like what we are providing.

Ok now to the earnings. There are several channels website is making money from.

1.Referral fees
As I mentioned the site is a lead generating machine. We are trying to capture as many leads as possible. Some are buyers, some are visitors who might become a buyers and we refer each lead to an agent working in a specific area. Right now our commission is 15%.

Commissions range between $1,000 – $3,000.

2.Membership Fees
We offer $99 Gold memberships and $129 unlimited memberships. We tried several other pricing options and we are testing this one right now. Prices right now are about 50% lower than competitors so the plan is to attract as many agents as possible and later add different plans with higher prices.

3.Featured posts
We charge $149 for front page post (large image at the top of Index page). We are thinking about maybe offering 3 spots and lower the price of each to $249. This would bring more revenue, but for now this is how it is.

4.Google Ads
Right now we only have 1 ad per page and this is bringing around $50/month. We had 3 (which is max allowed) and it was generating about $100. We removed 2 of them since it looked like a “spam” site.

5.Mortgage Brokers
We are thinking about adding special section for mortgage quotes or perhaps even renting out part of the site to anyone interested in offering their financial services to our clients.

6.Home Building & Remodelling Contractors
This is new. We will be adding new section to the website dedicated to luxury property contractors. They need to be the best of the best and we will be charging them $99 per state in specific category. In case they want to be featured in all states the price will be $199/year.

Each agent in our network can promote their property via newsletter. The price is $99 per one send and we usually feature 2 properties in each newsletter. This is great tool if someone needs to promote their listing fast.

We have special exit popup offer where we promote specific listing. Once visitors leave they are asked if they want to learn more info about specific property. We also use this tool to generate leads.

The website is extremely easy to use. It has easy to use admin and you can edit everything from listing info, images, meta tags, etc. I will personally explain everything there is to know and you will have my full support for as long as you need.

Here is the list of everything that is included in this sale:


2.All website files with detailed instructions how to use the site

3.Mailing list with 15,000 subscribers

4.Unlimited support

The cost of running the site is about $50/month. It is hosted on Hostgator server which costs and we also need to pay for newsletter sending service.

As mentioned above everything 100% verified, ask anything through the form below.